Workers Comp, Insurance & FMLA Investigations

The primary focus of our workers comp investigations is to discover fraudulent injury claims, which can assist employers and insurance companies save thousands of dollars. During the workers comp investigation process, we will perform the necessary surveillance and investigation activities in order to uncover the truth. After conducting a thorough investigation, we provide a detailed report containing documentation through our case management software of specific evidence we uncover. Overall, our workers comp investigation services will help human resource departments discover fraudulent workers compensation claims and provide the evidence and proof needed to defend against fraudulent claims.

Notable Statistics and Information


  • 1 in 4 Americans think it's okay to defraud insurers
  • $4.35 million dollars of insurance premium fraud was discovered in 2009
  • Between 2005 and 2009, $25 billion in disability payments were based on fraud
  • Workers compensation fraud costs the industry $5 billion annually
  • The average household pays $200-$300 extra per year in premiums to offset the cost of fraud

Signs of Employee Fraud:

  • Injuries with no witnesses
  • Delays in reporting injuries
  • Delays in seeking medical treatment and/or missed appointments
  • Injury while off of work
  • Financial stress at home
  • Filing multiple claims
  • Injury concurrent with termination