GPS Tracking in Grand Rapids, MI and Detroit, MI

Vehicle tracking is a great way to learn where a spouse or employee is traveling to and how long they are staying. Additionally, this is a great tool to monitor a teenagers driving habits such as the driving routes taken, how fast they drive and where the vehicle is currently parked. If you suspect infidelity in a relationship, a GPS vehicle tracking device may provide you with the clues you need to determine if surveillance is necessary. Signature Investigations Group will gladly guide you on choosing the right tracking device for your situation.

1) (c) While being the restrained party under a protective order, tracks the location of a motor vehicle operated or occupied by an individual protected under that order with a tracking device.

(d) While on probation or parole for an assaultive crime or a violation of section 81(3) or (4) or section 81a(2) or (3), tracks the location of a motor vehicle operated or occupied by a victim of that crime or by a family member of the victim of that crime without the knowledge and consent of that victim or family member. TRACKING IS ILLEGAL (except)

2) (j) Except as provided in subsection

(3), the installation or use of a tracking device by a professional investigator or an employee of a professional investigator lawfully performing his or her duties as a professional investigator or employee of a professional investigator for the purpose of obtaining information with reference to any of the following:

(i) Securing evidence to be used before a court, board, officer, or investigating committee.

(ii) Crimes or wrongs done, threatened, or suspected against the United States or a state or territory of the United States or any other person or legal entity.

(iii) Locating an individual known to be a fugitive from justice.

(iv) Locating lost or stolen property or other assets that have been awarded by the court.