Bug Sweeps / TSCM in Grand Rapids & Detroit, MI

Protect Your Privacy and Security

Protect Your Privacy and Security

Hire us to conduct a bug sweep at your property in Grand Rapids, MI

TSCM stands for technical surveillance countermeasures, and it's one of the most vital services Signature Investigations Group in Grand Rapids, MI offers. You may have also heard this service referred to as a bug sweep. In either case, it involves the detection and removal of covert recording devices.

Why should you hire us for TSCM? Here are five good reasons:

  1. If you're going through a divorce, your spouse (or a private investigator they hired) may be spying on you.
  2. If you work from home and have a high-profile job, you may need to take extra privacy precautions.
  3. Your business competitors may be eavesdropping on you via bugs placed in offices, labs or telephone systems.
  4. If you're having an important meeting off-site, you may want to ensure the hotel conference room or event space you're using hasn't been bugged.
  5. If you conduct business on an aircraft, you may be vulnerable to recording devices installed while your aircraft was in a foreign country.

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