Litigation Support Services

We keep focused on the needs of attorneys. The expertise and experience of our investigators will help you win cases. When our work is complete, you can rely on our prompt, well-written reports that make your job easier. Allow Signature Investigations Group to conduct your investigations.

Don’t go it alone!

The discovery process should never be taken lightly. Opposing counsel will do everything it can to challenge your client’s story, poke holes in their narrative, or even discredit their character -- whatever it takes to win the case. So shouldn't you also have an investigator at your side? Our goal is obtaining evidence and statements for leveraging a settlement or achieving victory in court.

Many professional organizations aren’t aware how a Licensed Professional Investigations firm can enhance the quality of day-to-day operations. Our focus is obtaining information you need for almost ANY circumstance. By considering our services and the many ways we can benefit you, you have taken an important step in offering increased value to your clients and your organization. We work with you as a close partner to connect the dots and obtain information, whether it’s to gain leverage in litigation proceedings, recover deleted digital information, or perform extensive background checks to determine a person’s character, habits, and credibility. We want you to consider us an extension of your business and an indispensable resource.