Whether you are the husband or wife, boy friend or girl friend, you deserve to know if your partner is cheating. Signature Investigations Group can help you get that proof and peace of mind you need to move forward with your life. Signature Investigations Group can discreetly and accurately help you. Wherever you are, contact us to utilize our national network of professional investigators to get the results you need.

Although spousal surveillance by a private investigator is one of the most frequently used tools for uncovering infidelity, each set of circumstances can call for different measures. Some of the commonly requested services we provide when investigating infidelity can be done in conjunction with an infidelity or spousal surveillance investigation. We, like most professional investigators, charge our clients an hourly rate for surveillance, with mileage and any other investigative procedures being added.

We design each surveillance to give you the best possible results given what we know about your spouse's activities in a sincere effort to give you the best opportunity to know the truth and to minimize your cost.