Human Trafficking Investigations

Project Liberty

Project Liberty is the result of hearts coming together with a focus on Anti Human Trafficking, finding and rescuing the missing victims, stopping and prosecuting the criminal perpetrators, and connecting the victims immediately with the best medical and restoration care. Our team and professional task force is committed to the highest level of dedication, skill, technology, knowledge, experience and a proven track record, to help the helpless victims of this horrific evil.

The reward of finding and rescuing a missing person, especially a child or a teenager, from the claws of the enemy just before they are traded or sold to evil perpetrators and transported/smuggled into other countries, never to be heard from again, is more than words could express. The majority of the families of the victims can’t afford to pay for these services and that is why we are in need of ongoing financial donations. We are dedicated to raising ongoing support for this project to continue the investigative work, assisting in rescue, public awareness and victim care, without a cost to the victim or their family (only as our funds can provide).

Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force (HTTF)


To increase collaboration and response between law enforcement and social service agencies relating to the issues of human trafficking, in order to create an ongoing victim support and recovery protocol;

To coordinate and implement an ongoing training model for law enforcement and social service agency providers;

To build awareness in Michigan communities on issues directly or indirectly relating to human trafficking;

To create and maintain an ongoing information-sharing network and protocol for various stakeholders; and

To collect, evaluate and disseminate legal mechanism to combat human trafficking.