SIG Soars Above the Rest

Enlist the Power of Drone & Aerial Surveillance in Grand Rapids, MI

Having a qualified investigator from Signature Investigations Group on the ground in the Grand Rapids area working for you gives you the confidence that you’re getting as much information as possible.

Supplement that information with an undetected bird’s eye view of assets or situations when you choose our drone and aerial surveillance services.

Drone & Aerial Surveillance

Take advantage of leading-edge surveillance technology to complete:

Asset Monitoring

Banks, lien holders and other investors have the capability to keep an eye on assets and complete exterior inspections to ensure that all projects and properties are being managed properly.

Domestic Investigations

Supplement investigation findings with drone surveillance of living conditions and reported assets, or get aerial photos of the whereabouts of a loved one during an infidelity investigation.

Corporate Investigations

Get a closer look at assets, inspect crops, verify and validate projects and get general “lay of the land” information with help from Signature Investigations Group. Only drone and aerial surveillance techniques can get you the most valuable views of your investments.

Interested in how these techniques can help you with your investigation? Learn more when you contact us today!