Dating, Pre-marital and Online Scam Screening

This generalized, wide-ranging check is similar to the Comprehensive Background Check (detailed above). It can red-flag details that might point to areas where deeper, more thorough investigation is needed. While trust is important in any relationship, it should be built on a foundation of knowledge and mutual respect.

Know who you're committing your life and future to when a relationship becomes serious: if you have any suspicions about the person you're partnering with, the time to find out more about his or her past is sooner rather than later, after the vows have been said and the commitment formalized with legal status.

This service also applies to connections-personal or business-made via the internet, where fraud and scams are rampant. The services provided include ID verification, criminal history, address history, bankruptcy, neighbor & former neighbors data, relatives & known associates info, property ownership, social media/email accounts and phone listings. Registered vehicle information is provided for many states (including MI), with other state databases accessed at additional charge.