Corporate & Residential De-Bugging Services

Corporate & Residential De-Bugging Services

Signature Investigations Group's countermeasures are a defense technique designed to detect, prevent or expose the use of electronic audio, visual surveillance, or GPS tracking devices, also known as ‘bugs’ within a residence, vehicles, and businesses.

We have state-of-the art equipment to locate audio & video recording devices. Whether you have a business, apartment, condo or house, there may be hidden cameras, audio transmitters or recording devices installed by your neighbor, landlord, significant other, or competitor. If there is an eavesdropping device in your home or business, our debugging services can locate it.
How do we do it? We employ several broadband/near-field receivers with many antennas (different frequencies use different antennas) going from a range of 200 Hz to 6 GHz, and an advanced cell phone detector. Cell phones are the “bug” of choice these days. Like voice-activated recorders, they can be easily hidden. Unlike recorders, which have to be retrieved, cell phones can be called from anywhere in the world. The bell does not ring, and the caller can eavesdrop on conversations in the room where they have been placed.

We check for everything, including infrared and RF (radio) transmissions. We can literally hear through most walls. In some apartments walls are checked for acoustic leakage (popular, but low-tech). Depending on how large the premises is, an electronic sweep takes about two to three hours.

The following is included in EVERY SWEEP:

  • Radio transmission sweep – Total RF (radio frequency) spectrum sweep – 200 Hz to 6 GHz
  • Telephone sweep (we perform three electronic tests and visually inspect each phone)
  • Carrier current sweep – 20 KHz to 400 KHz (the building wiring)
  • Infrared transmission sweep
  • Cell phone bug sweep (a cell phone used as a bug)
  • Microphone sweep
  • Hidden video camera sweep (both wireless and hardwired)
  • Audio recorder sweep