Computer Forensics Investigations & Digital Security Audits

company laptops, cell phones, and desktop PC’s

Corporations sometimes hire computer forensics specialists to gather evidence when certain threatening issues arise, such as the leak of internal and confidential information, embezzlement, theft, sexual harassment and the unlawful gaining of access to internal computers.

Signature Investigations Group can perform extensive and complex security audits to identify potential weaknesses in your system. Computer criminals are able infiltrate systems and commit a wide array of crimes. Typically, the systems criminals attempt to penetrate are protected with some type of security device to prevent access. Some of these crimes include:

  • Hacking websites for bank account information
  • Credit card numbers and personal identification
  • Stealing trade secrets from a company or government institution
  • A host of other computer-related crimes
  • Policy violations and misuse

For most crimes committed using a computer of some form, or the prevention of such crimes, forensics specialists are called in to gather evidence and prevent devastating hacks from occurring in the first place. Should incriminating evidence be discovered from any of these instances, it can be used against the accused party in court.